Introduction :

Dynamite the name itself is indicating the power of the movie. Vishnu after tasting a bitter taste in the film industry with continuous flops have come up with the Telugu version of Tamil movie. It is released on 4 Sep 2015. So, let us look into the review.

Story :

Vishnu (Shiv) and Pranitha (Anamika) who are in different fields meet at a night pub and will fall in love with each other.

They both will leave for her apartment and suddenly Anamika will found missing, when Shiv complaints about her kidnapp, no clue will be found regarding her missing.

Anamika's father Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao (Ragunadh) was also been kidnapped by the same people who kidnapped Anamika.

J.D.Chakravarthy's (Rishi Dev) entry will completely change the story. what is the link between Anamika, Shiv, Ragunadh and Rishi Dev is very thrilling.

it is completely a night movie.

Plus Points:

As it is completely an Action suspense thriller Vishnu and J.D.Chakravarthy's performance was rocking in the movie.

Minus Points :

Overall action is the dim part of the movie. Vishnu having a less craze is also a minus point.

Conclusion :

Action lovers can watch and enjoy the movie. Apart from that we can enjoy suspense also.

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