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Hora Hori
Hora Hori


Director Teja is very famous for his love movies. Remembering his name we will memorize all super duper hit love movies namely Nijam, Jayam, Chitram etc… But, from last few days he was experiencing very bad time in the film industry…. After successful film career he tasted failure through Niku Naku Dash Dash which was a utter flop movie. Recently, he came back to the industry with the same love concept introducing new talents with the flick titled Hora Hori. This movie was released in theatres on September 11 2015, let us have a look on the review…  


Basaweswar (Baswa) is a criminal who kills a man meets ACP to bribe him in order not to file a case against him. At this course time, Basaweswar finds Mythili (Daksha) as ACP’s sister. He falls in love with her and asks Mythili’s brother ACP to accept his proposal.

But, his brother denies his request. The angry basaweswar starts killing the people who comes for the marriage proposal to Mythili. Seeing this cruel minded Basaweswar, Mythili becomes extremely mad. ACP will shift his sister to Karnataka, where Mythili will fall in love with Skanda (Dilip). Skanda who stays with his grandmother Anjali (Seema) maintains a printing Press. Meanwhile, Basaweswar reaches Kranataka finding Mythili. The twist is what happens between Skanda and Basaweswar?? Does Mythili and Skanda marry each other??

Plus Points:

Locations where the movie shooting took place are the added beauty to the film. This movie shooting took place at Karnataka state Simogha District in a town named Agumbe. Agumbe is the place where we see rainfall every day. The extraordinary locations are like never seen backgrounds in any movie. Rainfall locations with lovely music of Koduri Kalyan took the movie to peeks.

Minus Points:

The concept of Hero, villain and a beautiful girl is most common in now-a-days filmy dunia. If Teja would have come with different love concept then it would have worked well. Teja strategy of same movie concept dint worked this time.

You can only enjoy the shooting locations in the movie rather than the movie content. Teja please try another way to impress the audience.



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