Katti Batti

Katti Batti
Katti Batti

The Mumbai laid Madhav, Maddy (Imran Khan) is in Ahmedabad to study Architecture. Like every movie, the story is all about never ending affair with his love girl Payal (Kangana Ranaut).

Maddy and payal feels love for each other, same routine thing in everyone’s life. They get into live in relationship, what happens when one falls in love? In every grown up relationship there will be always ups and downs. One day payal leaves him forever and Maddy will go shuttered. This dramatic story bore us for a while. Maddy is clear with his love that Payal will surely come for him one day or the other.

Why did Payal leaves him and stays away from him? What was the reason for their fight? Will they both patch up their Katti life? Falls rest of the story.

Katti Batti fares badly almost in every department, the worst hit was in the writing department. Nikhil Advani’s Hero and Katti Batti both are the two back to back duds in the consecutive weeks. But, as per our estimation and opinion Hero was much better than this romantic try.

There are few reasons why this film may experience bad result at box office, the first reason is being a romantic film the chemistry between the leads should be like sky, but the bond between them was so light and audience had not felt the connection for them.

If you see the teaser, and the way they promoted the film left everyone with an impression that the film is a romantic-comedy. But it turned something else. Especially, the climax which declares the fate of the movie landed up audience with confusion.

On the whole, the movie Katti Batti will face Katti at box office.

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